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Recommend a translating service?

bucko (674 posts) • 0

I need an 8 page document translated from English to Chinese for my Chinese business client,
Anyone point me to a service company that has reasonable rates and is accurate?

Liumingke1234 (3107 posts) • -1

When I got married 11 yesrs ago in Kunming, I had to get some documents translated and there is a place near Kunming Museum(not the new one.) This place is approved by the government. Sorry I don·t have more information.

bucko (674 posts) • 0

I know of the "certified" services, but I am just looking for a non certified service. I do not need to pay the extra $$ for certified.

tigertiger (4952 posts) • +2

I think this is the one. www.gokunming.com/[...]

Off Jinbi Lu, into Guofang Lu. First gate on the left, and as you exit the street turn hard right down between two rows of short buildings. The translation office is near the end on the left.

Xiefei (507 posts) • +2

PM'ed a contact for you.

That official agency people are mentioning is really only useful if you need a notarized translation to hand into a government office, like an official translation of your passport or driver's license. Avoid them if you need to actually communicate something clearly.

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