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Local Move of Bed

ashlou (2 posts) • 0

I have a bed frame and mattress that I need moved between 2 homes fairly close to each other (both in North). I have tried looking through threads but all are like 4 years old so I am not sure if the phone numbers listed still work. Has anyone recently used someone to move things like this? Will one of the cart men drive that far between distances??

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Go out into the street at either of the two homes.

Look for someone with a bicycle with a cart attached to the back. They will move it for you and do it quickly and efficiently. I've done it this way myself when I borrowed a bed from a friend to accommodate visitors.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • 0

With enough money, people are willing to do extreme things. If you offered me a million yuan, I'd probably be willing to carry your bed, by hand, from the north to the south.

But as a practical concern, a few KMs is probably what most tricycles will be willing to travel for a reasonable amount of compensation.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

You mentioned the two homes were fairly close. These people will welcome the chance to earn money and my guess is that any distance from FengYuan Lu in the north, down to Beichen and possibly onward toward North Railway station would be doable at a price. Look for an operator with a battery assisted vehicle.

debaser (631 posts) • +1

It might sound silly but sometimes the mianbao che guys will do it cheaper than the tricycle ones (maybe because of the effort involved). They tend to congregate near junctions, at the end of the market streets and someties near xiaoqu gates. I was quoted Y50 to move awashingmachine from Beichen over to the east by a guy with a van but often they'll say 100 per van regardless of how much you want to transport.

Xiefei (517 posts) • +3

There's also a truck/van hailing app now called 货拉拉. It works just like Didi/Uber, but you can use it to hire anything from a minivan to a mid-sized truck.

They'll usually include some basic lifting, and are generally happy to negotiate to hire another person or two when there's more work involved.

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