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Recieving packages from US

dr.JK (22 posts) • 0

I haven’t seen any recent threads on this, so just checking if anything changed. Had a friend a package from the US. They included my phone number with the address. About a month ago the tracking said it arrived in customs, but as far as I know no one called me (occasionally my phone is on airplane mode, like in class). Is there anything I can do to check the status?

tigertiger (4787 posts) • 0

I have had packages in customs for up to 3 weeks before now. The package arrived in Chengdu in 4 days and then took 3 weeks to get to Kunming. I was told that once it is in customs, it cannot be traced until it comes out of the other side. This may or may not be correct.

michael2015 (566 posts) • +1

If the package is in customs - you're hosed. As an alternative - if the package was mailed using the post office - then it's quite possible your package is waiting for you at the international post office on Beijing Lu.

The ONLY way to know, in lieu of the notification and phone call the post office MAY give you - is go there with your passport - check the list of international packages waiting for their owners to show up.

michael2015 (566 posts) • 0

Beijing Lu - I don't have the address - but you can MAYBE ask didi che or taxi drivers - if your chinese is sufficient.

Also - please note - if you do NOT have a notification from the post office - the trip MAY be futile. But a notification from customs should be sufficient.

Depending on how the package was sent - you can initiate a sender-initiated trace on the package - just to remind the Chinese side you haven't forgotten nor received your package - that MAY help finally expedite the delivery - but this is Yunnan and things here move slowly, inefficiently, and sometimes, not at all.

Yunnan has the appearance of a developed nation - but the culture and behavior have generally not caught up...give it a few more generations (aka centuries).

Geezer (1861 posts) • +1

Picked up packages at 225 Beijing Lu. But this was before the customs office opened.

There is a China Post and a China Postal savings it 225 Beijing Lu. Just north of the bank is an alley. A bit down the alley there was a China Post facility that did not look like a post office.

Bring your passport and tracking number.

dr.JK (22 posts) • 0

Went to the International Post Office on Monday. Had my package! No phone call. Just gave my phone number and gave an ID.

dr.JK (22 posts) • +1

225 Beijing Lu. Between downtown and train station, left side of street when coming from the north. The post office is obvious (“China Post” in big letters), but go behind the post office to the parking lot then to the right there’s an area looking a little warehouse that has international packages.

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