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Metro lines today?

jadorechocolate (37 posts) • 0

Apparently there was some kind of mafan at the metro stations today causing huge queue lines...anyone know what that was about and/or if it's going to continue?

kc430 (43 posts) • 0

Don’t know if it’s related, but around June 1 my backpack was flagged at the subway security scanner for a knife, first time that’s happened. When they saw it was a Swiss Army knife they let me take it on through. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually even that knife will become verboten, just like on airline carry-on and railway.

tigertiger (4905 posts) • 0

I think most Kunming ren wouldn't know or care. Also the government does not draw attention to anniversaries that they don't like.

JanJal (790 posts) • 0

My wife read somewhere, that the queues in subway stations are/were simply due to (rainy) weather.

People anticipate traffic jams on roads, and turn to subway - and now with somewhat better subway network, it's more useful than in the past, hence the crowd.

tigertiger (4905 posts) • 0

That makes a lot of sense. In the past few years the first flush of rains have often localized flooding, and severe traffic delays. Certainly a lot of regular ebike users avoiding the rain will also have boosted passenger numbers.

AlPage48 (1110 posts) • +1

A few friends of

mine were stopped in the subway last Thursday and made to show id.
It was not raining last Thursday. The entire queue were subject to this id verification.

tigertiger (4905 posts) • +1

@Ocean. If you look at a Metro station entrance, they are usually at least half meter above the surrounding street/sidewalk level, even on high ground. With that design it should not happen.
It has happened a couple of times in Beijing, in the past, but that was designed in the late 60s.

AlexKMG (2353 posts) • 0

Also, most metros are modern day installations in China, so they have an effective array of drainage and pumping systems, so much so that areas around can flood but water still isn't allowed to pool in the tunnels themselves.

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