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Options for residence permit extension

jadorechocolate (37 posts) • 0

I've heard that sometimes companies can provide a one-month temporary extension to residence permit after expiry. Anyone know anything about this? Asking bc after obtaining my residence permit, I no longer have blank pages in my passport, so can't renew it...too much trouble to get a new passport as the number would change--chain reaction requiring me to reapply for work visa etc all over again.

(Please note: I know that you can renew residence permit up to two times for a year, but am asking for this specific scenario, thanks in advance!)

nnoble (889 posts) • +3

There is such an extension afforded on a discretionary basis, applied for by your employer, for between 15-30 days. The purpose is ‘humanitarian’ and allows the employee to sort affairs after completing a contract. As usual, best advice is to contact PSB directly.

alienew (423 posts) • +1

You will, of course, have to get a new passport sooner or later. I'm pretty sure you can use the new passport and keep the old one for the residence permit that is in it, & show both when necessary. But ask the PSB and/or Immigration.

Xiefei (521 posts) • +2

You can get the humanitarian extension, but you need a page in your passport, as it's basically a new visa.

Hotwater (204 posts) • +1

Your current work permit would not need to change until it is renewed. You need to renew your passport & then transfer your resident permit into it. Then go to bank, etc to update accounts.

There is a 30-day “humanitarian” visa that can be issued at the end of your resident permit but it needs an empty page in your passport.

jadorechocolate (37 posts) • 0

Thanks, all! I will be getting a passport renewal soon, and hopefully able to transfer my working visa/residence permit within the 10day timeframe.

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