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Need to find a job

tareqjhe (3 posts) • 0

Hello Everyone.
I am studying in southwest foresty university at computer science and engineering.Someone please help me to find a computer related part-time job.
My Wechat: tareqjhe

michael2015 (645 posts) • +2

You should ask your school and most especially the school's foreign affairs office for guidance and assistance on this issue.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Article 22 'Where a foreigner holding a residence permit for study intends to engage in off-campus work-study or internship, he or she, shall, upon approval of the school, apply to the exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ to have such information as the location and duration of the work-study program or internship placement specified in his or her residence permit.' More simply and better still; see the post immediately above.

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