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Burgon (42 posts) • 0

Has anyone bought an Amazon Kindle in China? If so, are they easy enough to format into English? I understand you can change the text into English for reading.

I’d like to know if the whole unit can be used in English without any Chinese characters. I had a demo of one and the guy changed it into English but there were Chinese characters indicating the menu options. After that there was a communication breakdown so my question that I’m asking now couldn’t be answered!


inwardsmiles (3 posts) • +2

I bought a Paperwhite off Taobao about three years ago.

When first firing it up there's a language option.

I just double checked my language setting options and there's about 10 total.

I definitely don't see chinese characters anywhere.

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

@inwardsmiles Thanks. That what I thought it might/should do! I'd like to buy mine from a shop, not online. Do you know where I can buy a non-fake model?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I know you don't want to buy online, but if you buy from a shop and there is anything wrong with it (incl. if it is fake) good luck with getting a refund or your money back.
If you can get someone do the online purchase for you ( is probably the best online shopping platform for tech) you have protection.

trice (35 posts) • +1

yes - I bought my latest kindle from and it was no problem setting it to English and connecting it also with my US amazon account