internet cafe

Munchkin726 (4 posts) • 0

I've read some threads about internet cafes for foreigners but they are really old. Does anybody know if there is one that now allows foreigners to use their computers and access the internet?


tigertiger (4823 posts) • 0

You should get yourself a smart phone and jump on free WiFi. Unless you’re gaming. Unless you have a laptop. Even public toilets have free WiFi and free phone charging now.

nnoble (888 posts) • 0

Acquiring a simple cheap secondhand smartphone is good advice because it can provide lots of free wifi and saves you being tethered to a grubby smoke filled internet bar.

lemon lover (710 posts) • 0

Internet cafes as such don’t exist any longer in Yunnan. A “wang ba” is a place for gaming and not for internet surfing or checking mail. Every Chinese and their dog now uses WeChat for their contacts. As a foreigner it is hard to get to use a wang ba because the login is linked to the Chinese ID card. No Chinese ID card no log in. Free WiFi is widely available so with a WiFi enabled pad or a smartphone you can get most of your things done.

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