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Car off-road accessories in KMG

lemon lover (687 posts) • 0

They really do. Never had on the road issues but know a guy that did.

Go to any vehicle inspection place and you will find a heap of bull-bars in the corner whose owners abandoned them because they didn’t want to pay again for getting them refitted. Ones I forgot to remove the bull-bars from my car and was straight away sent to that corner. They wanted 200 kuai for undoing 8 bolts, so I went home and did it myself as I have done that every other year ;-)
On my motorbike I had to reinstall the rear seat for every test. Never used that and had it removed in order to carry gear in a better way.

AlPage48 (1080 posts) • 0

My wife's car was in an accident over the spring festival and needed many new body parts, including a new trunk (boot) lid.
The new lid has a chrome strip that the old one did not. Will they tell her to take that off?

debaser (608 posts) • 0

@Alpage you should be OK with a chrome strip. I've seen people have to take off bars and I once saw a guy strugling to remove his fibreglass bodykit. last week I saw the testing guys measuring a roof rack on a big 4x4 but he got to keep it on in the end... was wondering what all that was about. The car place near me regularly paints sports cars strange colours and adds parts so there must be a way around the regs.

@ptkm09 They also build off-road and racing trucks there so maybe they'd be worth a look. It's in the big 2nd hand car place just under the highway in Beichen. PM me for more details.

lemon lover (687 posts) • 0

It is quite possible to change things like painting it a different color or having advertisements on it but it requires a re-registration. Question of money.

lemon lover (687 posts) • 0

Chrome strip should not be a problem because it will not be noticed. Frankly they really don’t give a toss about anything but roof-racks/bars and bull-bars because they can make extra money out of those. Changing color is simply not allowed because the color is part of the registration. Same applies with the number of seats.

tigertiger (4715 posts) • 0

Measuring the roof rack on the 4x4 could be because the vehicle was originally registered with a roof rack, and the inspector was checking to the the one fitted matches the one on the documents.

debaser (608 posts) • 0

@tiger good point.

I've heard people who get a mianbaoche for transporting goods or a camper conversion can't get through the annual test because they don't have the 'correct' number of seats (as per their registration). Seems silly but it wouldn't surprise me.

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