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Chinese perception of foreign restaurants

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • 0

The fast food concept has been utilized many times. I was told that McD sold more chicken than beef, which might explain why there are more chicken franchises. I have been to one McD clone. Named something like MhM or MhN with the curves in the font being like the Golden Arches

Haali (1136 posts) • 0

@lemon lover I think Brooklyn is/was owned and run by Americans, and Sals, Slice, and Ozzie's are (at least part) foreign owned too.

nnoble (889 posts) • +2

I’ve known one or two ‘Indian’ defined restaurants that owe nothing to India, except perhaps an apology.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

"What Chinese governments in various levels could do, is to take opportunity to prioritize closure of foreign (US) owned establishments in parts of city where..."
i would guess that all of the kfc and mcd in kunming are chinese owned franchise. american owned would be places like sals and humdinger and brooklyn pizza. and even then it might be the wives that own them on paper, so still chinese owned. even big hotels like marriot are franchises a lot ot the time. hitting imports is very vissible and sends a message, it has made headline news around the world. if individual business are hit, it does not get the attention unless it is megacorps like google, ms, etc. close down small businesses and it barely breaks the local news.

JanJal (998 posts) • 0

@Dazzer: "all of the kfc and mcd in kunming are chinese owned franchise"

Yeah, perhaps "owned" is the wrong term with those franchises.

They pay license fees to foreign countries, and that is what counts.

Nobody abroad would think twice to conclude that China is hitting foreign enterprises, even if on paper in China they would be Chinese shops.

kurtosis (86 posts) • +1

The context for the domestic violence in China surrounding diplomatic spats with Japan is probably different, due to historic events like Nanking Massacre which Japan still refuses to face.

Of course, England played probably a much more important role in the downfall of the ancient Chinese empire, but at least contemporary England doesn't deny it happened.

With the US, it's just a very public trade terms negotiation - and no matter the outcome, Chinese people will win. If the US wins, prices for foreign goods will fall in China and quality standards will increase. If China wins, its a reason to be proud of their country.

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