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Kunming universities best CSC scholarship campus?

kewen (6 posts) • 0


I'm applying for this year's Chinese government scholarships to do a non-degree language course in Kunming. I read that the Yunnan Normal language courses, while very good, are held in the new Chenggong campus which is quite far from the center. Because I don't want to end up stranded in a studenty suburb far away from Kunming life, I was wondering if anyone knows about the quality of the non-degree course as well as on which campus locations they are held for the following universities?

- Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
- Yunnan University
- Yunnan University of Nationalities
- Yunnan Agricultural University
- Yunnan Normal University

- Kunming University of Science and Technology
- Kunming Medical University

I'm a relative beginner of Mandarin (1 year) if that makes a difference. Many thanks in advance!

Cahzriel (18 posts) • 0

I did a two-year language study at Yunnan University and am currently pursuing my master's at their School of Ethnology and Minority Studies. What sort of specific questions can I field?

kewen (6 posts) • 0

Oh cool, how did you like your course at Yunnan University? Where in Kunming were your dormitories, and where did you take your classes?

I just heard back from Yunnan Normal and they confirmed that all non-degree courses are now held at the Chenggong campus.

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