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Haali (1101 posts) • 0

it's impossible to cut ALL sugars without giving yourself serious health problems, given that all vegetables, leaves, and fruits contain sugars. Liumingke presumably means processed sugars like the ones added (in very high doses) to yogurt and soft drinks here.

Liumingke1234 (2904 posts) • -1

Yes. But be careful with fruits.

They contain lots of sugar too.

If you drink coffee for example, use honey instead if sugar. Definitely

stay away from soft drinks . Drink water instead. You will feel the difference and soon after you won't even crave for sugary stuff.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +1

OP's above-mentioned weakness in the body could be precursors to more serious health risks such as infections, stroke, or heart attack. Best check the usual vital signs, e.g. blood pressure and pulse rates before jumping to conclusions.

vicar (746 posts) • -2

When people start talking about the dangers of fruit and veg, its time to get the snowflakes off steroids and
reeducate them about life

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