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China Announces ‘National Campaign to Clean Up’ In

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@Dazzer: "who defines good governance?

That is also an important question. There is both the "content" of the governance, and the "quality" (or effficiency) in which it is provided.

For example, a society based on slavery could be considered to be well governed, if it functions without problems. But it would still be slavery.

From western point of view (or at least mine), China's own notions of it's "good governance" are fake, because negative news here are blocked from being investigated and reported, and good news are propagandized.

"what are normal interactions on the internet? "

As I tried to describe in earlier comment, "normal" behaviour on internet would indeed not be healthy, because this world overall is really not a healthy place for humans.

Internet itself is a product of humans manipulating our surroundings. We destroy nature and harness its resources to produce electricity to run it, and invented much of the related technology as by-products of finding new ways to rule each other.

There is no reason to expect that these negative aspects of human behaviour or development would just shut off once all that is built and we get to roam on this thing we created.

Even the gods that we have created continue to amount to human corpses, so there is no reason to expect internet to be some kind of angel to save us from our sins.

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