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On Wednesday I'm cycling from Kunming to Huize via Dahai Grass Mountain and I'm trying to find a return bus service from Huize to Kunming. I can find the Kunming to Huize service on chinabusguide.com, but i'm unable to find a return.

Does anybody know a more reliable source for bus services? Or, if anyone could let me know the times, i'd appreciate it!


Napoleon (1167 posts) • 0

Well the people who told you the bus will run are the people to ask.

Why not just take the bus there and cycle back? Wouldn't that be the solution?

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

It's an option, yes

Ideally, I want to cycle there and get the bus back. I'm looking for a definite - yes or no which I've been unable to get.

As helpful as the person was, they are unable to fully confirm. I was hoping for clarification. Thanks anyway...

tigertiger (4721 posts) • +4

Thinking out of the box. Try looking for bus services on another day. If they are listed for the day you don't want, bur not listed for the day you want, you have your answer.
There might also be limited service, and no buses back after a certain time.

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

@tigertiger Yep, I'd try that, but there isn't a timetable that i've seen and I've also contacted the China Bus Guide directly through WeChat and i'm still waiting on an answer.

Heading to the North Bus Station to talk face to face, otherwise I might have to hitch it back.

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

Sorted. Buses are running to and from Kunming. Took a trip to the bus station to confirm, but all good.

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