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Apple Cider Vinegar

dr.JK (22 posts) • 0

Anyone know where to get real apple cider vinegar (as in, not just white vinegar with apple juice added which is all we’ve found so far) in Kunming?

tigertiger (4774 posts) • 0

There are 2 types of apple cider vinegar that I am aware of. The first is a drink (sometimes comes as a concentrate), high in sugar. I have only seen some Chinese brands, and it is probably a drink concoction.
The second, is a condiment, like wine vinegar. I have found Rauch (brand) Apfelssig in Metro. It is described as fermented apple juice on the Chinese import label, unfortunately this is stuck over the original ingredients label.

Liumingke1234 (2879 posts) • +1

You're not gonna find it here. If you're looking for 'Bragg apple cider vinegar(with the mother), you can find it on Taobao.com

SJayne (33 posts) • 0

If it's not too far out of your way, perhaps try the Q-Life store near Baiyun metro station, exit A into the mall. I was there not that long ago- I recall them having a far superior selection of imported goods than the carrefour across the road.

AlPage48 (1083 posts) • 0

I was at Beichen Metro this morning and found Rauch (brand) Apfelssig.

It was in the import section and way, way down on the bottom shelf.

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