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Kunming jobs wechat group

joehake80 (3 posts) • 0

Hi. Could anyone please help me join a wechat group for finding employment in Kunming?

My wechat ID is: josephhake

Thank you!

Ocean (1040 posts) • +3

There used to be one but it was discontinued when new gvt regs made the group originator responsible for any and all comments made on it. I think GoK is your best bet for job hunting now.

SJayne (33 posts) • -1

@Ocean... wow.. I was unaware of that- thanks for letting me know :) I'll keep it in mind. Thanks again.

vicar (726 posts) • 0

There are numerous wechat groups for jobs. It depends on your profession. There was a post in gokunming classifieds a few days ago for a guy with a big thing. As the saying goes, give them an inch and they'll take a yard...(this is politically correct).

joehake80 (3 posts) • 0

Yeah. I used to manage a bunch of big groups here in chengdu. Will not do that again. So it makes sense. Thank you anyway.

joehake80 (3 posts) • 0

@vicar. I am open to weekday teaching or professional jobs. Do you of any groups that you caouod add me in to?

Thank you.

Rasssul (36 posts) • 0

By the way, how about teaching Russian in Kunming, is there anybody providing such services? And, is there a need?

tigertiger (4623 posts) • +2

I have seen this in the classified ads, fairly regularly, but that is no indicator of demand. I would have thought that the biggest demand for this would be in northern China, and on Hainan Island.

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