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Yunnan teahouse culture

Stevula (16 posts) • +1

Can anyone tell me about the teahouses and teahouse culture in Yunnan? Is it anything like in Chengdu? What are the best towns/cities to visit teahouses?


AlexKMG (2361 posts) • +1

In Kunming, tea house culture is just you and your group at the tea sellers shop sipping puer and having snacks. There was a tea house on jiaoling rd that had some booths and tables, but each area is still kinda cloistered, a far cry from the open air gathering watering holes in Chengdu. That being said, we do have a boatload of tea shop/sellers, so you could drink all day just moving from one to the next.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +1

There was someone looking for people to share tea culture with, on Gokunming a month or so ago. Hopefully she will catch this request.
I have looked in the friends and activities partners in the classifieds but it is no longer there, if it was originally.

Try putting your own ad in classifieds.

hanshan (31 posts) • +3

in Kunming was teahouse like you see in Chengdu, inside of

Wenmiao, called GaiwanCha , actually destroyed. (green tea was 4 served in gaiwan).

In the 80s to early 2000s was many teahouses around the Bird and flower market. Nowadays all is just commercial shit there.

To see how beautiful teahouses was in Kunming , please buy book call 昆明茶馆 (Kunming teahouse) with many beautiful photos from the 80-90s period.

In Yunnan you can find teahouses mostly for local 'laotou' in places such as Weishan (near Dali). There have few teahouses serving tea in gaiwan for 2-5 yuan. In many other places you can find some teahouses like that , in Baoshan are some with 100+years history.

If you are interesting in teahouses and you are in Kunming , send me an message here. I do some research about teahouses and very like this tea culture.

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