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Laptop language change

redjon777 (560 posts) • +1

@tigertiger stay away from it! It might not cause early problems but overtime it starts to degenerate actions in laptop. Cost me another reinstall back in the day because slowly it would have more problems with loading.

Viyida’s plan was the exact steps I took as well.

viyida (22 posts) • 0

@redjon, stay away from what? How does activating digital license degenerate actions in laptop? I presume your laptop issues were something else entirely.

@tiger, that said, in the future it is best to download programs from trusted sources. I only have 11 posts. Trust needs to be earned.

Also, I assume you know what "false positive" means so I didn't bother elaborating, but the file is safe.

redjon777 (560 posts) • +1

@viyida so the file is legal?

Probably no, which usually depending on source can carry other not so helpful malware with installation.

Yes/no ?

Edit: Just see you uploaded it yourself lol

viyida (22 posts) • 0

The "malware" is a false positive and mistakenly detected by your antivirus.

More importantly, the activator (whether or not the same as mine) was most likely not the source of your laptop problems as you've described.

Legality of the activator was not the core issue of your previous laptop struggle, nor would it be for @tiger.

No need to debate about this. @tiger doesn't have a PC problem. He opted from installing my file anyways.

redjon777 (560 posts) • +1

No need to debate then but I’ll just point out that you’ve rewritten what I was saying to make it sound like you’ve misunderstood my points anyway.

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