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Sage for my stuffing :o)

redjon777 (498 posts) • 0

Two related questions

1. Anybody know the proper translation of Sage (herb), being xmas time not some wise man ;o) The 洋蘇 I came up with kept showing basil on Taobao and the wise man 智者 loved to pop up too many times lol

2. Even better if anybody know's of a place which sells it as I don't think stores I usually use have it.

redjon777 (498 posts) • 0

Did you buy Sage there?

If not, do you have a link for their online store as the one I try to use from their worldwide homepage doesn't work. I Don't fancy going there and finding out they don't have ;o)

redjon777 (498 posts) • 0

@tigertiger dried's better than none ;o)

@geezer the link didn't work for me

Problem sorted now, stuffing is a go go!

Geezer (1846 posts) • +1

@redjon777 It just worked for for me but I am in the US so go figure. (not has a brand: MARSHALLS CREEK SPICES, with a lot of hard to find choices. I never bought any of this USA brand.[...]

I would go to Beijing every three months and got my spices there which is no help to you GoK guys. I used a coffee bean grinder to grind spices I found in the wet markets. Sometimes I would get stuff ground for me by the spice peddler in markets.

I know how to prepare horseradish but never found the root, 辣根, in China.

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