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Gingerbread houses

jadorechocolate (35 posts) • 0

You know me, this is another food-related post, but you all have been so helpful(':

Trying to give a gingerbread making experience to some local kids, but can't seem to find graham crackers or a jar of frosting anywhere (Carrefour/Walmart). Any leads?

tigertiger (4623 posts) • +1

I think you can buy gingerbread in Chinese bakers. You may also be able to get if from Wicker Basket, or Barbara in Slice of Heaven may be able to bake a batch for you. There are lot of other rectangular cookies on the market (Carrefour), if it is just construction you want. But using gingerbread itself may add a lot to the experience and save you having to explain what ginger bread is and 'no it isn't bread'. LOL
There are recipes for soft icing on line. Look for the recipes that use eggs and milk. You can buy icing sugar (confectioners sugar) and disposable piping bags in Metro.

JanJal (549 posts) • 0

We (well mostly my wife) make gingerbread dough ourselves, it isn't very complicated.

Have a batch in the fridge waiting to take some shape right now.

AlexKMG (2351 posts) • +1

Don't think CF or Walmart carry frosting anymore. But Metro might have some. Of course, Wicker Basket should be first check for anything baking related.

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