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I would so some research before choosing a clinic as there are probably some poorly skilled people performing these surgeries as it is relatively new in China and it might be unsafe.

I have read of botched surgeries in Thailand, so I would be cautious in both China and Thailand.

My understanding is that South Korea is more advanced and safer (and probably more expensive).

In China, I am guessing Shanghai is more advanced.

I did a quick search for China for you:


Shanghai #9 People's Hospital and the #2 Military Medical College teaching hospital are considered the two best plastic-surgery institutions in the city... probably among the best in China as well.

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Other than by personal referral, I don't think you can.

The small clinics are privately owned and owners will fight tooth and nail not to pay compensation. Problems are often swept under the carpet.
The bigger the hospital department, the more likely there is to be a specialist in the procedure, and the more experience the specialist will have. The other thing about any big hospital is that if anything goes wrong (God forbid) all the ER facilities are on hand.
I would seriously consider going to Shanghai, just for the higher levels of professionalism, and experience of the teams involved.

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Sorry, I am not trying to be a fear-mongerer, but even in reputable clinics it seems like things can go wrong. You are possibly risking potentially serious complications over a procedure which is arguably unnecessary.

A leading cosmetic surgeon said yesterday that Denise Hendry, who died on Friday after complications from liposuction, never needed cosmetic surgery. He hoped her terrible fate would deter others considering "unnecessary" procedures.

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Agree with Dolphin. Liposuction isn't cosmetic surgery but a type of minimal invasive surgery, which still puts it in the surgery category and risks associated. You hear the same death related stories in the US regarding liposuction also.

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