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mengna (62 posts) • +1

Peter it is very simple. You echo the words of Trump: everything you don’t like = fake news. Meanwhile you, like Trump, thrive on the real fake news created by Breitbart and your friend Alex Jones.

The sad thing is that you cannot see this.

What’s the problem for China (And the rest of the world) is that American trends tend to get copied; soon this whole world is controlled by fake news.
Example: Global warming is fake, an invention created by the Chinese in order to promote their economy at the expense of the Americans. Result: Get out of the Paris Climate Accords. Spinoff: If the Americans are not in why should we (Other countries) stay in and make an effort.

So American fake news is affecting the rest of the world.

mengna (62 posts) • +1

Dolphin I know that it is not appropriate to directly challenge others on their mental condition.
Peters writing varies from completely non-understandable rants filled with insults to more or less well written and expressed and informative contributions.
This made me conclude that Peter has two states. A kind of Jekyll and Hyde.
If these two states can be controlled by staying off the candy and/or by taking the appropriate prescription medication for this condition then I don’t have any problem reminding him.

Stratocaster (161 posts) • +1

I agree strongly with most of what @menga has written above except for this: "The sad thing is that you [Peter99] cannot see this."
Peter knows exactly what fake news he's pushing;he has an agenda. It's intentional, like any propaganda.
As for his bizarre rants compared to his well-written comments, it certainly suggests to me that there is at least some form of extreme duality going on in his mind.

@Peter99, if you can get yourself balanced, a few

people might consider taking you seriously.

lemon lover (891 posts) • +2

Strato is right. Fake news is a well planned and thought through strategy. It is a depressing thing that it uses the mentally feeble to dish out their policy of racism, sexism and bigotry.
Peter in his InfoWars T-shirt and Wehrmacht boots is a sad example of one of their willing foot soldiers.

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