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@tiger: I take your point - Edward Bernays and his 1929 book PROPAGANDA - Goebbels liked it, and in the US it gave rise to the brainwarp albatross of modern commercial advertising, as well as PR, more sophisticated media manipulation, state & political propaganda, etc.

Japan & KFC does strike me as a bit sad.
Anyway, I ate well last night. Don't know if "the USA needs our support more than ever," but I didn't feel we were either supporting or not supporting anything, except a good group foody occasion, without flags, that has become an American tradition. The beer was German, the tequila Mexican.

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Me, I raised a glass, and said that I hope “the calm before the storm” means there will be military tribunals coming after the lunatics.

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@tiger. Like baseball in Japan, Thanksgiving has only had some commercial success there. I suspect post war occupation and lots of US military base influence are required for Thanksgiving to go big. Also, Thanksgiving is sandwiched in-between Halloween, Singles Day, and Xmas. I think even China can take only so many manufactured holidays in a span of two months.

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@ A

Yea, and also I wished that the same government/country you keep contemplating against, will cut the money you likely suck out if it. You might start to miss it after that,.... like a rolling stone..


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Would help if people could separate cultural affinities and practices from political convictions. Despite all the talk of multiculturalism, it seems that many don't seem to be able to do that. Something important missing here.
Hope everybody who may have been drawn to celebrating US Thanksgiving had a good meal.

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Seems to me you are the one always relating any topic to ideology or political stuff.

Thanksgiving is a non-political family holiday in the US. There is a history, some fact and some fable, as there is most cultural holidays around the world.

While associating Thanksgiving with harvest festivals is common, and I agree with that idea, in 1619 Virginia and 1921 Massachusetts it seems the one of the motivations for giving thanks was the colonists had survived.

In chapter seven of "Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick, Kindle Edition $14, Philbrick lays out the events leading up to the first feast in Massachusetts. He is pretty objective.

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@Geezer: Agree with all you've said. survival was certainly the main point, thank God, etc. Unsurprising sort of shindig. Good reason to eat.

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Not about worry. Its a moral thing, if u suck the tit of mom you shouldnt try to stab her in the back. Unless youre a bad sucker, of course.

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