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Notarization of Chinese Police Certificate

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Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to get a police certificate that will be recognised by the US immigration for my green card application. May I know what are the procedures after obtaining the police certificate from the Entry Exit Bureau?

1. Do I have to get it stamped at the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs?
2. Do I have to get the certificate notarised by the US embassy in China as well? Can it be done at a US consulate in China?
3. What kind of appointment should I make at the US embassy in China in order to have the certificate notarised?

I only have 2 months

left before the police certificate expires. It was rejected a few times despite getting it notarised in my home country.

Thank you so much for your advise.


Geezer (1934 posts) • 0

Not sure what you are trying to do. There is no such thing as a "green card application."

The US does not make the immigrant visa process easy or fast. The process also depends on which country you are a citizen of, are you being sponsored, family based, employment based or ?

Your immigrant petition must be approved by USCIS before you can begin the immigrant visa application process. When your petition is approved you begin

National Visa Center (NVC) Processing. Forms and Documents to the NVC.

A web site that has a lot of guidance follows.

Start here:[...]

AlPage48 (1237 posts) • 0

Perhaps the US Consulate or Embassy would have more (correct and up-to-date) information than people here.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

Your chances of getting a green card will have been reduced considerably for the simple fact that you have been rejected on a number of occasions. Even if you have been denied on just one attempt you are going to need an immigration attorney to assist. Otherwise it's gonna be impossible

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My green card applicant, me being the main applicant and my mother, a US citizen , the sponsor is in the final stage of the application. I just need to submit the notarised police certificate

before they issue me a letter for me to bring to the US embassy in my country to obtain a special visa that will enable to go to the States to obtain the green card.

My problem now is not about the application as I have already waited 5 years for it to be approved, but submitting the recognised notarised police certificate.

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I have an immigration attorney who is assisting me at the moment but the attorney is based where my mother is in the US

vicar (817 posts) • 0

your attorney and the US embassy here are the dudes you should be consulting. They know where it's at and what's going down.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

your attorney and the US embassy here are the dudes you should be consulting. They know where it's at and what's going down.

exhausted (7 posts) • 0

I am just asking for the process of notarising a Chinese Police CErtificate. Not the process of applying for a green card.

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