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International School in Lijiang?

SA Smith (6 posts) • +2

There seems to be some confusion on here between INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS and BI-LINGUAL SCHOOLS.

Understandable. Never the less, worrying when you consider a large majority on here may be teachers themselves.

tigertiger (4685 posts) • +1

Part of the confusion, even for teachers, is the liberal use of fluid definitions by local business owners; who only add to the fluidity of the terms. For some business owners, having a foreign teacher is enough to put the word international in the marketing blurb and on the building's wall.

Vabeachpk (2 posts) • 0

If my understanding is correct that we are discussing a school in which a child can get a full day of English learning through a curriculum from another nation (America) with a native English speaking teacher, then it exists in Lijiang.

WilliamHotelie (3 posts) • 0

Thanks a lot for all the replies and comments!

I would much prefer an accredited American school but given the location, if there's a bilingual school available it's already beyond my expectation!

Found the website online and will dig up more info.

Thanks again!

maojirui (4 posts) • 0

It uses an approved American

School curriculum.

It is a part of the common core education.

Please feel free to contact Chris from the above contact info to get more help.

Napoleon (1162 posts) • 0

No one is saying its a language school. Its a private school that obiusly teaches some lessons to Chinese children in English.

The website says it uses private school curriculum from the United States. So could I, so could anyone, that doesn't make it an American International school. Nip to the bookshop, buy yourself something by Oxford or Cambridge to teach with, you're not a famous Oxbridge University.

When you see anything that is regarding American curriculum unless it mentions the body specifically then it could be anything. It could be accredited curriculum from a home schooling organisation, it could be something by a Mormon school. The term is vague and it could be like that for a reason. Completely different to if it said British/French/Australian curriculum accredited in that country as that takes away all the variables, but still doesn't make it an international school.

This website mentions "LJIA WILL SEEK accreditation on both international level and through the United States" again, too many variables and it looks like something further down the line.

There are non of the logos on the website that international schools would be busting to show: edexel, BSO, ACAMIS etc.

This school isn't an international school and I'm sure if you were to contact them directly they would not claim to be one.

Nor should anyone be getting upperty that it is because their kids go there, it is an international school. Looking at the costs its well under what international school education would cost.

Lijiang International school is probably fine for your four year old Will. At that age there's not much an international school would be able to impress you with anyway.

This is a private school who are using a foreign book to teach their students to better continue their education abroad as the market dictates. I'm sure they are very good at it and they seem to be growing fast. Good on them.

They are not though, an international school. There are no international schools in Kunming. The closest you get is a Korean school in Chengdu or the British school in Dhakar, Bangladesh.

Let's put this to bed. There is no international schools in Kunming, Lijiang or anywhere else in Yunnanat the moment, nor is there any applications in the pipeline for one in the immediate future.

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