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hermit (48 posts) • 0

The only Express connections that I can rely on are Phillipines (via Singapore) and Darmstadt Germany.
None of the others ever connected.

vetimo (18 posts) • 0

Thanks guys. Nuremberg not working. Not Philippines, nor Darmstadt. We are in the dark.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +3

I remember a story about a VPN and (Apple?) users a couple of years back. Everytime a work around was found, it was broadcast by users. Result, the work around was closed. Second result, row because the company called users too stupid to deserve the service.

The current situation is most likely temporary, it has been predicted for several weeks, and as said before will probably die down in four days.

JanJal (1048 posts) • 0

Also happening now, is that many Chinese social media sites and mobile apps (that provide medium for discussion and commentary) are under "temporary maintenance to improve service", mostly for the duration of the coming week.

On the postiive side, I note that one foreign mobile game that I often play, now works without VPN while it was not possible before.

While increasing blocking of VPNs, the authorities may have opened up smaller segments of internet to keep the mob satisfied.

Ocean (1164 posts) • 0

Presume all Express users are struggling to connect at the moment?Any idea what is causing the crackdown and, therefore, how long it might last?

satii (80 posts) • +2

Yes Ocean. Most major VPNs are still hopelessly limited.

I say most, not all.

This is disappointing given national week and the more recent high profile "secret" meeting in bj have long passed. It feels like the longest VPN debilitation drought, like ever. Though for good reasons i need not delve into here.

Usual protocols are ineffective yesterday and today. But ones in the VPN protocol hinterland is effective.

Search for...


This outlying protocol may be perceived tawdry, thus overlooked by gfw, yet is bypassing seamlessly. Look for apps that use this less known protocol service.

Good luck my fellow netizens!

coastalfire (28 posts) • +3

Just downloaded the latest version (for about the fifth time in the last three weeks...these people are certainly earning the money I spent what with having to churn out these new updates all the time). Now it seems to be working fine! ^_^

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