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DanDare (100 posts) • +1

I have used bank cards in the past. One possible blockage can be the browser. When I want to make a payment using Chinese bank card, even over vipend, I cannot use chrome, but works ok with firefox.

mihani (17 posts) • 0

Paypal doesn't work?

Express is continuing its one year subscription + free 3 months offer (link below for those unrestricted by the GFW).

Best deal, granted they and most VPNs in China are considerably limited to just a few servers since last October. Still, better than nada :(

OceanOcean (1173 posts) • 0

ExpVeep has an update on their China status page saying they are aware of an escalation in Blockages. I suspect "someone" wants to control the narrative.

JanJal (1068 posts) • +1

I've been watching Godfather movies this week on foreign medium, and now I couldn't finish :(

In preparation for "offers we couldn't refuse" for the last pig.

DanDare (100 posts) • +1

I have had no problems with my nonev product since 25 Jan. I have not even had to change surfer once. before that I was eating through 3 or more every day. It could be that staff are busy watching other stuff.

duke is me (26 posts) • 0

My Express was totally blocked last July, and has been unavailable ever since. Don't get on the "hit list"..
Otherwise, life is OK without certain western crapola. Microsoft is my last remaining link to the Far Side.

jj123 (84 posts) • 0

I don't use express, and the one I use is generally pretty good, but since the holiday it's hit and miss.

Whenever my Veep shows my location in BJ area, my net it did during the holiday, the beginning of the coranavirus, and now the weekend.

When it shows I'm in chenggong, its ok, but still a challenging to operate FB, but ironically YT will work decently.

Finished with my rant.

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