Wonders Of Yunnan Travel



Ocean (1155 posts) • +1

Is this the worst blocking we've had in a decade? I can't remember struggling for so long before.

Ocean (1155 posts) • 0

Indeed. Truly one of the most frustrating aspects of living in this great country.

JanJal (1003 posts) • 0

Occasionally I go through the thought exercise of whether the country would be as great, or greater, if there was no need for the GFW or what it represents in larger scheme of things.

For example, in that alternative reality would there be such a huge demand for foreign teachers, or spouses, or would the country be too developed and expensive for foreigners who seek cheaper life.

Truth is that when my debates about (=against) the Chinese system get to the inevitable "why are you in China then?" question, my answer remains some variation of "to take advantage of it's flaws".

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How can I pay for ExpressVPN , the zhifubao QR code links and bank card options are blocked when you try to scan them or pay !!!!

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