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Competitive salary

debaser (536 posts) • 0

@Ocean - yes, I agree. 150 for regular work withe guaranteed hours is reasonable. I shouldn't have assumed we were talking about a one-off or part time thing.

vicar (708 posts) • 0

Real teachers have no need to complain about salary. As you say debaser, pay peanuts get monkeys, teach like a muppet, get peanuts. Loads of excellently paid teaching jobs out there but you'll need more than text book reading skills and a native tongue and face these days. Increasingly, it is results that count and quality driven schools are prepared to pay genuinely competitive salaries. If you are a fake teacher or good teacher without the qualifications you can easily make 300+ per hour tutoring privately. Moral principals...ethics...

Dazzer (2572 posts) • +2

can't decide if that sounds more pompous or arrogant. Or just plain snobby, looking down on those who earn less and casting aspersions on other people's morals ethics

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Seems to me they're doing ok, thanks to the tuition fees that middle- & upper-middle-class parents can afford to pay (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).

vicar (708 posts) • -4
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Yes that would sound snobby to you Dazzer. I do look down on people who make out they are capable of a job when they quite obviously aren't whilst at the same time understand the fact that there are many out there that are better than myself at things. I've no problem with that though I know you do because you think everyone should be equal and get easily offended when someone has an opinion you can't deal with. You won't silence me snowflake. Keep on with your negative adjectives and name calling as you add nothing to the discussion other than please those of similar ilk as they egg you on.

misfit (110 posts) • 0

I believe 150-180 is a competitive salary, that doesn't make it a good salary.
Usually people who works for "competitive salary" consider that they can get some extra advantages from those offers,such as getting some experience in a major that is not exactly theirs, or just some easy cash for few months before getting something better.
I believe that who's in this condition should accept the job, but definitely that's not a good offer for people who are not in those categories.

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