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JanJal (1077 posts) • 0

I think that the stepping back comes naturally.

New media, and all the technology it relies on, didn't exist when the earliest control mechanisms were put in place decades ago.

New controls get implemented as new things to control appear.

In that perspective, I wouldn't say that it has gone worse in relative terms.

Just the absolute number of things that the party considers challenge to their authority has increased.

Of course it is unfortunate to have such controls at all.

mary123 (14 posts) • 0

Well, Got be careful about posting things on WeChat group or social media. They specially watch foreigners who live in China. And as a Chinese, I feel sad about China and the system.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -1

For sure this site is monitored and theres maybe even files of us somewhere. Like "Stratocaster", "Alien", "JanJal" etc. files, and stuff collected there. With IP numbers, opinions, and such. Like good old Stasi, its same control anyway. They grabbed all they could get hold on. And Wechat checked likely too.

My file looked, not so good, still a year ago, but it should be a lot better by now. Me been lately ranting mostly about 'stupid Europe' (terrorism), decadence, anti-patriotism, and nihilism rampant in West, and how China is clever not letting Western decadence invade too much. And stuff like that, explaining Chinese pals about our lunatics that have taken over here and there, raving feminists attacking priests and antifas burning molotovs on german streets. And not for long time ranting about the horrible pollution in China, the poison food, faking of everything, and this and that anymore. How about you guys? Are you under special control or have they eased the control on you?

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@Peter, I don't have any reason to imagine I'm under any 'special control' that matters in China. You don't know that you have any special file to worry about either, now do you, Peter? Except that, of course, a file on virtually anybody can be put together by many governments these days out of all the 1/0 weirdness lying around in various computers. Note the research of Ed Snowden.

JanJal (1077 posts) • 0

@Peter99, @Mary123: ""files of us somewhere. Like "Stratocaster", "Alien", "JanJal" etc."

I'd be disappointed if there wasn't a file on me in China.

Besides here, I am also active commentator on Weibo in CGTN/CCTV News's stream, as well as People's Daily forum, both of which are tools for the party.

Occassionally I throw comments in CGTN's WeChat articles too, but those have very low getting through rate.

Anyway, don't hide my thoughts in any of those and the police have not yet come knowcking on my door and I've had no problems renewing my RP.

kurtosis (86 posts) • 0

The problem with China's surveillance spree is that they are lacking the technology to connect the dots.

You get lots and lots of pictures, bits and pieces of information, videos, finger prints, internet usage data...

but if you can't connect your data, you can't draw any conclusions.

In the end, it comes, like always, down to a lack of project management excellence as well as technical expertise that has been holding people back in a society where connections and luck are a better predictor of socioeconomic progress than merit and service.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • -2


How do you know dots aren't being connected?

If you're that clued up on the inner workings of the Chinese home office surely you're in demand with the Russians and Americans.

Or are you just making wild assumptions with no evidence or experience?

I'm sure if they had to they could connect the dots pretty quickly. They don't just do it for anyone, I'm sure they don't have time to waste on any old internet gobshite.

kurtosis (86 posts) • 0

I won't discuss the nature of my information on a public forum.

But humor me if you will: connecting dots "rather quickly" still makes it a matter of days or weeks, rather than seconds, as it is a mostly manual process between different departments. You may imagine the associated costs and the according willingness to track down random foreigners (or natives for that matter).

Anyway, I'm just a guy on the internet wondering if it wouldn't be wiser to invest more on the data processing side including proper nation wide ETL processes rather than on data collection. And if data collection should be improved, if investments in new channels are really wiser than investments in data quality.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

and china has been spending a lot of effort and money in developing big data and the worlds fastest super computers. there are also a lot of lot of people employed in survelance. as for lack of ability in project management etc. that is bull. pm is learned, by people and organizations. it takes time and training, china has had three decades to get from agricultural base to worlds no2 economy, they also send their brains to the best unis in the world. china even has unis of world ranking. dont fall into the bigot trap of assuming some peoples are less capable. that would be like judging usa capability based on duck dynasty or the simpsons

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