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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

dolphin (288 posts) • -6
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Because he said that most of the residence cards were issued to overseas Chinese and he was an exception.

Trumps policies are racist.

iTeach (96 posts) • -1

immigration in most countries is based on nationality,, not race.

they may seem racist only if you misinterpret the word.

Geezer (1870 posts) • -2

@Liumingke1234 I agree. It is too easy to cry racist. In 2010, I wanted to get a card to ride the bus free. I had been told that a 老外 could not get one of these bus passes. A friend, a Chinese from Hong Kong had one and he told me that Koreans, Taiwanese and other returning Chinese get them no problem.

It is a two step process, the first was to get a 老年人卡, a senior citizen card. Once I found the right

office, I filled out the application.

After handing in the application and a short wait, I was told, sorry but not for 老外. The office leader was a young guy who spoke good English. I told him that this was not correct as I knew a 老外 who had one.

He brought out a stack of approved applications. Each had a photo attached. All the faces were Asian. There were Koreans, people from Thailand, Singapore, even an American. So I said, "I understand, it isn't a 老外 thing, it is my white face," as I pulled out the application of a Japanese.

After a chat, I turned to my friend and said, slowly and clearly, "He won't give me a card because i am White. If I was Japanese, I could get card. I thought discrimination was forbidden in China."

The leader made a decision, he told the staff to issue me a card. In a few minutes I had my 老年人卡。 Then went off to the bus company office to get my bus pass.

The leader, told my friend this was the first card issued to a White person.

I still have my 老年人卡 which proves there is no racist policy in China.

Liumingke1234 (2941 posts) • +1

At what age can you get one? I'm 60. Been here for 12 years. You lucky dog. I'm always hearing 爱心卡。Hey, give me one of those!

liuer2 (25 posts) • +4

My remark that the majority of the PRP were going to overseas Chinese had no intention to anything to do with racism; I was just stating a fact.

I think it simply has to do with that this group is more into applying then others. One reason might be that they are more likely to remain in China as well compared to let say younger westerners. I myself am retired and plan to stay the rest of my life here.

I think one cannot complain that one does not get one if one does not apply. And frankly how many westerns do you know who actually applied.

On top of that I referred to those who got their PRP based on being married while 2 out of 3 got them for other reasons. That probably would be related to their work. Maybe there is “racism” in that if westerners get a proportion larger number of PRPs for that reason.

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