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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

michael2015 (682 posts) • 0

Thank you for interesting info. Please note - this proposed law change is still soliciting public feedback until 27 March. If and WHEN this change occurs is still not announced - then it takes time to propagate down to all the provinces - training, etc.

Yunnan being an extremely distant province - may not be aware of this change in law for years...

Usually - the government implements pilot cities - to test out the law and the application and enforcement processes - the wheels of government churn ever so slowly.

OceanOcean (1170 posts) • +5

I got a call this morning from the PSB saying my "Green Card" (10 year Permanent Resident's Visa) is ready to pick up! I got it through Chinese spouse route. Took about 7 months from giving in the copious paperwork.

Trumpster (84 posts) • +1

@Ocean, congrats. Now that you'll be employed under your green card, you might want to research what your tax obligations are and make sure you are in compliance as your employers probably would have no idea what to do with you. More likely than not, the applicable tax regulations will be different now that you are working under a different status.

Xiefei (520 posts) • +3

Just dropping in to say that I received a five year residence permit yesterday.

I've been on one year residence permits as owner/manager of my own small firm for many years now.

The entire application was done in-province. The only difference from a normal one year permit was that I had to do a new health check, and I had to get a local criminal record check covering my time in China.

That's another route worth considering. Simpler and quicker than the permanent residence permit, and most who qualify for that should be able to qualify for this one.

Trumpster (84 posts) • 0

Residence Permits are purpose specific, only RPs issued for employment allows you to work for that one specific employer in which submitted the application. If your RP is issued for visiting relatives then you cannot work regardless of the length of the RP. Permanent Residence permits (green card) confers upon you, all the rights and responsibilities of local citizens. So depending the the purpose of your stay and specific needs, not all options are viable.

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