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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

liuer2 (38 posts) • 0

Baiyuxiang wrote a year ago that it would take 6 months to 2 years.
Yours is 6 month, mine was 2 years, so now we have this full range covered ;-)

Anonymous Coward (329 posts) • 0

Other than not being able to work for others, are there any reasons why I shouldn't apply?
I was asked if I wanted to apply for one the last few times I went to renew my visa.

OceanOcean (1188 posts) • 0

Reasons why you SHOULDN'T apply? Well, I guess the cost can be pretty steep and the required paperwork is tiresome (especially if your visa is usually done "behind the scenes" by your employer). I've also heard that some hotels/airlines/borders have to be convinced that the Green Card is the equivalent of a visa (if they've not seen one before).

But for me, the freedom to work for whomever I want to and the guarantee of ten years' stay made it worth trying,

JanJal (1112 posts) • 0

Besides the "trouble" factor (financially or otherwise), one remote reason why someone might choose to not apply, is that the permanent residency application probably goes through more scrutiny than a temporary permit, and some individuals may have things better left under cover.

Those who have succesfully applied - did you need to arrange fresh no-criminal certificates from your home countries, or were the previously granted temporary permits sufficient evidence of this being already checked?

OceanOcean (1188 posts) • 0

I've been living/working in Kunming for 13 years on ongoing visas but I needed a new criminal check (which was the most expensive part). Not successful just yet, though....

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