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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

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To add to the above:
On a recent trip outside Kunming I noticed as well that the regulations for foreigners staying at certain hotels have been tightened. Places where I have stayed several times over the years are not allowed to book foreigners any longer. I was however allowed to stay checking in with my Permanent Residence ID card but my colleague with the normal residence permit was not.

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You are indeed allowed to work wherever you like with a Green Card. So you are not tied to any school or institution. That means you can pick up small, but lucrative, jobs that come along, and you are an attractive prospect to legit schools who want your talents but can't/won't go to the hassle of getting a visa for you.

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I am over 60, and all of the stuff I put in my last post are attractive to me. You can also add that if you are over 60 you can work legally, because you won't get a work visa.

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When you guys made the 100k bank deposit for 6 months, did you have to declare the purpose of that deposit in the documents?

Asking because I'm in need to make similar fixed-term deposit for different purpose, so could try to kill two birds with one stone - although I'm doubtful if I'll ever qualify for the permanent residence even with millions :)

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Agreed. I'm mid-50s and it's still an attractive opportunity to me (though troublesome to get and not guaranteed, even if you get all the necessary paperwork).

We got a certificate from the bank saying how much we deposited and how it is locked up for 6 months. The certificate itself had to be certified by another authorising gvt department before it was acceptable. I don't think it stated on it what it was for though, no.

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A simple hotel in Yiliang. Also I stayed there at least 5 times I don't know the name but I always went back there but mainly because the restaurant next door is very good.
That hotel charges 60 kuai but we ended up at the 'foreigner approved' hotel in the middle of town which charged us after some haggling 130 kuai (down from 175). Admittedly the hotel was better and even included breakfast but was more than twice the price.
The next day we stayed at Zhushanxiang some 60 Km south of Yiliang and I stayed there at least 4 times as well and booking in was no problem but that evening the police showed up to inspect our ID’s which never happened to me before there. It was clear that they never had seen a Permanent Residence ID card but on doing so you get the VIP treatment ;-)
That place only has one hotel so no way of sending us to a higher grade one.
Let it be clear that these places are way off the tourist track. You will not have any problems in any hotel or guesthouse in places like Dali or Lijiang or any other clear tourist spot.

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One of the things missing in this thread is that a Permanent Residence ID card is only available to people with a proven relation to China. One must have lived here permanently at least five year and have a solid reason to stay such as a marriage or a fixed contract longtime job (Which one has worked in already for years).

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