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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

Ocean (1163 posts) • +4

I have made my application (through marriage to a local). It remains a torturous and costly process. Once the application was finally completed I was told there was absolutely no guarantee it would be successful (processed in Beijing) and I would only hear back from them if it WAS successful (ie no notification if it failed). They estimated 10-12 months to process. My fingers are crossed, but, if I knew before I started what I know now, I don't think I would have tried for one.

baiyuxiang (104 posts) • +8

A couple points:

I've been issued the greencard based on marriage. Yay!

I do not own any property, but my wife does (in her name).

The process took about 9 months.

All the best to those of you still in the application process!

AlPage48 (1195 posts) • 0

Just to confuse things a little, the new version of the residence permit for foreigners, which my wife got because she's a caregiver for her sister, is green.

But it's not a green card despite it's color.

The PSB also told her there is a rule change coming in October which would permit her, as a returning Chinese over the age of 60 to apply for permanent residence (the real green card).

She's going to check that out, then if she gets it will then see if I also qualify based on marriage (not in China).

AlPage48 (1195 posts) • 0

Did to get the green card, what kind of documentation did you need to submit?
Was the criminal record check a requirement?

baiyuxiang (104 posts) • 0

Yes, same kind of criminal record check as is used for a work permit.

As for other specific document requirements, best to just talk with the folks in the office downtown. I lost the list I had in a recent computer crash.

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