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why should we learn English

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I doubt if thoughts of stealing your intellectual property is high on the list of reasons why students study English. At any rate, neither you nor I are countries in the west, and at any rate I think the concept of 'stealing' intellectual property needs to be unpacked a bit. Some things, including some intellectual achievements, perhaps should be 'property', but not everything needs to be owned.
Anyway, it doesn't put me off seeing people learn English, or any language. Note that, some 200+ years ago, it was illegal in China to teach Chinese to foreigners - general fear, at least in some official circles, that the foreigners would figure out China.

Peter99 (962 posts) • 0

Alien, you forgot to say USA has been stealing for decades. And thats why you teamed with a more moral side. Heh.


debaser (528 posts) • -1

@01199denglu -

that's the funniest post on this thread so far. Keep telling yourself that. While you're at it, work on your communication skills.

nnoble (869 posts) • +1

You can't disparage the efforts of all students. I've worked with a number who've worked, studied abroad, contributed to a foreign country and achieved a comfortable living from their efforts. Similar to the story in this article: supchina.com/[...]
As for the nationalist rhetoric, it's hardly surprising when you get bombarded with this stuff day in day out.

Peter99 (962 posts) • 0

Denglus comment is a very normal student comment in China. Nationalism in China is thick and strong as ever, and ready to be triggered too. We can hope there will be no trigger for negative aspects of it, and it stays at healthy side of a societal force (i.e normal patriotism, not extreme nationalism), and that all will be fine. (Something I personally doubt at times). West is different these days, and we are taught self hate, how the average white male is the worst global supressor of women and sexual minorities. And this and that. We got people apologizing allover fu-kin global internet for this too. And accusing too. Its a funny contrast here.

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