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Peters99 conclusions here and on the parallel discussion, are what scientist call hearsay. To really find out if there is malaria in an area one has to do a proper study and know what the parameters are. One has to take into account as well that in areas with malaria the local population has build up some level of resistance and they experience malaria more as a common fever. A household survey is needed because one does not see malaria patients walking in the street. As well asking adults only is not a good thing because in area with malaria the grownups don’t suffer that much and malaria is more regarded as a children’s disease.
There can be a tendency as well to downplay the issue in order to not worry you, not to scare away tourist or possible investors, not to look backward.
Only observation does not work; example: I never saw a blind person in Kunming so there are no blind people in Kunming.

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Here we have this malaria warning again on BBC. This same warning has been the case for 15 years in a row now, i.e. once a year theres this 'super' malaria warning and then an article is referred to in The Lancet. Same over and over again, year after year. Once in a while the area is changed to Western Myanmar, but usually its Cambodia, with warnings it will spread. Then, after the news, theres total silence, when you try to find more info. Only same researchers on Lancet.

While there may be some truth there, who knows if any at all, since this been going on so long, its looks more like a yearly trick to get fundings there to buy new SUV:s, laptops, pay yearly rent for nice hotels, and new rubies for the Cambodian girlfriends.

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@Peter: Of course they may be wrong, or overcautious, but they certainly know more about it than I do, and I seriously doubt that they are that dishonest. Bugs do develop resistance to drugs.

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Come to think of it, people in poor countries are always complaining of something. One year it's Ebola, the next year it's Zika. These all look like tricks just to get funding from us rich people. Those refugees drowning in the Mediterranean? Cambodians with malaria? Fakers just using the fake news media like the socialist-minded BBC and its snowflake reporters.

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@ Alien

Put this local Cambodia news (from VOA) in comparsion. Its not a contradiction, but they do look different. And, yes, I do get the "point" in the first news.[...]

The news also mentions:

"The apparent success of the malaria eradication program will be welcome news for CNM, which has been plagued by years of corruption scandals in the misuse of malaria prevention funding and large “commissions” paid to CNM directors for the allocation of procurement contracts paid for by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria."

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@Peter: Well, OK, maybe you've got a point there. Disgusting if/when serious corruption or dishonesty appears in health efforts.

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