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South Train Station Highspeed Rail Bus Numbers

jojio (54 posts) • +2

Hey, for those unaware, there are Kunming Buses, same as cheaper white airport buses, with

“HighSpeed Railway" written on them...

They leave for South train station from various points around town, and return to town from bus terminal just beside High-speed rail station. When arriving on the train, follow the signs.
Buses run more or less hourly, 7:00am -11:00pm, and take between 60-90 mins, depending on location and traffic, and costs, at time of writing, only 7 kuai.

Buses are as follows, back and forth from south high-speed train station to:
920 Kunming zhan /Kunming main train station/ 昆明站
921 qiánxìnglù gōngjiāo shūniǔ zhàn /qianxinglu bus stn./前兴路公交枢纽站
922 júhuācūn bus stn./ 菊花村公交枢纽站
923 huángtǔpō bus stn./ 黄土坡公交枢纽站
924 miánshān bus stn./ 眠山公交枢纽站
925 běishìqū/North City bus stn./北市区公交枢纽站
927 dōngbù /East bus stn./东部公交枢纽站
928 nánbù /South bus stn./南部公交枢纽站
929 xībù /West bus stn./西部公交枢纽站
930 xīběibù /NorthWest bus stn./西北部公交枢纽站
931 běi bù /north bus stn./ 北部公交枢纽站

ricsnapricsnap (193 posts) • +1

many thanks!
just a little off topic, have the trains being delayed these last two days as the planes, due to the bad weather conditions?

gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

Good information @Jojio. Thanks.

Do you know whether there is a similar bus that goes between the South Train Station and Changshui Airport?

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

Thank you very much for taking the time to post that info. Now, if we could just get a list of or weblink to the destinations of the high speed rails in and out of Kunming.

jojio (54 posts) • +2

oh yeah, there's an airport bus too, 919K i think

map is a bit old, doesn't have a couple lines, but you can use it to see where you'd have to change trains, then look up a schedule using Ctrip English or Chinese site or app.
Haven't yet seen a full schedule of all trains running out of South train station

jojio (54 posts) • 0

Haven't been on a high-speed yet from Kunming South that was late, either getting in or out

Also, if you prefer subway to get there or out, there are a bunch of small buses that go to and from subway. Google map or Baidu

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I note the bus schedule mentioned above puts the first bus leaving Kunming (I mean the real Kunming, not Chenggong etc.) at 7AM, which is way too late for, at least, the 7:53 train to Guangzhou. Perhaps a little more coordination might be in order?

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

@ricsnap. Unless there are landslides or tunnel closures, both of which would take some really nasty weather, the g trains will run on time through near typhoon levels of rain.

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