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Civilized Kunming

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -1

It'll be open for another century or until Kunming is civilised. Whichever comes sooner.


cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

In fact, Kunming could do with a bit more barbarism. For example allowing cafés to put tables outside.

l4dybug (71 posts) • 0

OP GracieMei, your thread is still going strong, yet you're leaving China. I noticed your garage sale ad in the classifieds. May your next destination be more ideal.

JanJal, I believe at Kunming's restaurant level, there are liquid organic recycling for leftover hotpot/maocai/suancaiyu/mixian soup base.

You've might've seen transport vans collect large blue plastic containers w/ black lids filled with liquid organics wastes from Kunming restaurants.

My guess is restaurants pay a small fee to remove liquid wastes from their kitchens. The health ministry probably do not allow licensed restaurant dumping of liquid wastes into ordinary trash bins.

So where do they go?

Perhaps mom & pop ventures of liquid organics transport businesses sell their reclaimed supply to rural farms as pig feed. Hopefully, most are transported to outskirt lands to be composted. But I remember Chinese documentaries showed how liquid organic wastes undergo filtration to be reprocessed and retrieved as tap water.

JanJal (1063 posts) • 0

@l4dybug: "liquid organic recycling for leftover hotpot/maocai/suancaiyu/mixian soup"

Yeah I've actually seen those.

I think the usual trash bins are just not very good for storing large volumes of liquids, and also the usual waste collecting trucks are not suitable for transporting liquid.

I suspect that this is just another mode of transporting and acquiring fuel for the incinerators. That oily stuff should burn pretty well.

Of course, some may have been recycled as gutter oil.

JanJal (1063 posts) • 0

About recycling in Shanghai, I read a report about it in my home country's media.

Apparently at least in some neighbourhoods the downstairs trash bins are only accessible for few hours in morning and evening, when there is someone supervising and advising people about it. Outside these hours, they are locked up.

For exaple, if this person spots paper napkin in organic waste bag (did not mention type of bag), they cut the bag open to more easily remove it

- so the villain resident doesn't have to dig through the bag.

I have no idea if anything like this will be implemented in Kunming (even the better neighbourhoods), but at least such would help to answer the question of how and what to recycle, and enforce the regulations.

I suppose someone neglecting the instructions from the supervising instructor will be fined for the 200 RMB penalty that applies for individual persons.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

I can see waste being flushed down the toilet.

If systems are too onerous they fall out of use, as even those trying to enforce them don't have faith in what they are doing.
Retired people have the time, if not the inclination, but in Shanghai there are a lot of households where both partners work long hours, and don't have the time.
If would be better for pilot systems to run their course, lessons learned and implemented, before trying to roll things out.

JanJal (1063 posts) • 0

I'm not sure how plumbing works in houses here, but I suspect most people will not risk having to pay for that.

Bigger risk I see, is that people will collect more organic waste in their homes pending suitable time to take out, which is a health and hygiene risk. Cockroaches.

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