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Hey I was wondering if there were any charity groups or organizations here in Kunming. More specifically working with under privileged, handicap, or orphaned children. I don't know much about how this all works in China and would be happy for any information pertaining to groups or organization established here in Yunnan or any advice or information on donating time, clothing, food, etc. to children in need in Yunnan. Thanks ahead of time.

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China California Heart Watch (ChinaCal) finds newborn babies and some older kids with heart problems that, if not dealt with rapidly, kill. Mostly this involves poor rural folks.
Another is the Yunnan-America Foundation, a small informal group of people, including myself, who assist with the education of rural poor kids, largely but not entirely from ethnic minorities.
Post me, we can meet up, preferably at Salvador's, as the owners there are involved with ChinaCal, as am I.Meanwhile, do a search for ChinaCal.

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Work with autistic children, children with congenital defects, and orphans. The children with congenital defects need corrective medical surgery. Usually that is their only barrier to attending normal schools.

Work with children of descendants of a former leper colony.
School needs furniture, supplies, and ... well, the list is rather infinite.

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seems to me that the children in that cliff village should be allowed to attend the local school 500m away. If they don't have leprosy, then I don't see why they shouldn't go. If they do have leprosy, then it's treatable and curable with multidrug therapy. I daresay they can't afford the drugs though, poor kids. Government could solve this problem very easily if they wanted to, I suspect the real problem is the discriminatory attitude of the people in the nearby village.

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Leprosy treatment should be free of charge. At least the medication is. And that is the problem; nobody can make a profit on it and therefor it often is not provided.

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If these two communities have lived close to each other for generations, the ignorance, prejudices and fears will probably run deep.

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Our small group in the Dali/Lijiang area is looking into legally forming a volunteer organization for rehabilitating misused/abused land and illegal garbage dumps in otherwise beautiful settings; Included will be a public education drive to educate rural citizens of the benefits of a clean environment for health and tourism.

Clean and Green.

Can anyone point our way to the relevant gov.departments??

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