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Broken leg right at the ankle... need advice...

Alien (3685 posts) • 0

I'm not suggesting you should or shouldn't go for some followup check, but if they x-rayed it before they set it I wouldn't get too worried in the meantime - broke my arm, at the wrist (also tricky), in the US age 12 or 13, don't remember any X-ray (might be wrong); set with considerable muscle effort by local doctor, wrist works good today, over half a century later, and no arthritis. Modern stuff like X-rays a great advance, alternative stuff like pins in bones more recent I think, but bonesetting is normally not rocket science but a matter of experience and practical skill, been around a long time, TCM doctors experienced as well.
Go get an X-ray and then see what you've got and whether there's anything else you need to do.
By the way, what did they do about an anesthetic when they set your arm?

Alien (3685 posts) • 0

Damn, why can't they at least stick a novocaine needle into the area? Or baijiu, at the very least. Why practice endurance of unnecessary pain?
Yet we have unnecessarily air-conditioned buses for a population who don't mind restaurants with open doors in mid-winter, and foot massages everywhere - but then perhaps that's a matter of 'civilization'.

AlexKMG (2202 posts) • 0

@sounder. Toughing that out was hard. I know. I had my dislocated shoulder xrayed and set without painkillers. It was very very very hard not to cry. If you need a 3rd opinion, do try the international clinic. Need an appointment.


vicar (591 posts) • +1

20,000 for a broken leg? You're being fleeced. If the school is legit, you have insurance. Doctors and English departments will be sharing your cash.

sounder (8 posts) • 0

@vicar I paid 1000 kuai in total. The surgery that I opted against was 20k... I've gotten feedback from two western medical field people, one a surgeon, and one an MRI/radiologist with over 20 years XP. I'll probably shell out around 1000 more before this is over for a new cast, x rays, and doctor visits.

And I have insurance through my school so I should get about half of what I paid back.

vicar (591 posts) • +1

Just be aware of any unnecessary costs and get receipts.

Check the costs with your Insurance policy which the school has.

Chris73 (5 posts) • +1

I had in my life 2 broken ankles in my home country, which has top notch medical care. Both times I needed surgery to (plate with 5-7 screws). The plates stayed in for about a year and then got removed.

Stronly recommend to go to a good hpsoital, have it X-rayed and then do the right thing. RMB 20K for a broken ankle surgery sounds a bit steep to me. Paid a few years ago around 40K for my dad who suffered from 6 broken ribs and a ruptured lung artery (emergency surgery, 49 hours ICU, 3 days normal ward). A broken ankle surgery takes around 1.5 hrs, then stay 24 hrs in normal ward. To remove the plate around 1 hr and after a few hours you can leave the hospital, although

I am sure in China they want to keep you for at least 24 hrs.

nnoble (778 posts) • +2

For the op this thread is possibly history. But for future reference, my advice would be not to bypass local hospitals to head for the new 'international' hospitals like Calmette in the north of the city. I went there because it's virtually on my doorstep. It's kitted out with all the latest medical tech and even has a helicopter parked on the concourse. I went with an ankle injury and was immediately sent for an x ray. I've had foot and ankle injuries early in life and the first thing a nurse or doctor has done is a visual examination of both feet followed by a close hands on examination. After returning to the doctor, now clutching the x ray, a list of possible conditions was proffered, including: gout, degeneration, and something incoherent about veins. I railed against the gout diagnosis but was sent away to the pharmacy. The amount of drugs being dispensed was shocking, I mean basketfulls of stuff were being carted away by individuals. I took mine away, a mere handful, and returned home to do an internet search on each one. All of them went down the toilet including one banned by the USDA. Being busy, I hobbled on until the end of the semester. Yesterday, on recommendation from a friend who recently had a knee operation, I took the 85 bus, and the X-ray from Calmette, down to No.2 Affiliate hospital.The visit to No. 2 took just 20 minutes including registration. The youngish doctor looked at the X-ray and then pointed to the exact spot on my ankle I feel pain. "You have a fracture."

Costs: Calmette ¥320+, No.2 Affiliate ¥5. Get a recommendation and head for local hospitals and dentists.

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