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Yunnan for 3 months

JanJal (1087 posts) • 0

" plan on just getting the basic L category tourist visa that allows up to 90 day stay in china from the time it is issued"

I think that's incorrect.

Visas "stay duration" always starts from the day when you use it to enter the country - issue date is not relevant to that.

I seriously suspect that your visa (as you plan it), is valid for 90 days from date of issue, but each stay during that period could be as short as 30 days.

michael2015 (718 posts) • 0

Visas are/were typically issued for 90 days for single entry, 30-60 days for multiple entry. If you're a US citizen - go for the multiple re-entry 10 year visa (if you have >1 year on your passport) - cost is the same.

If you have a multiple re-entry visa - you MUST write 90 days on the visa stay, although it's up to the embassy/consulate to determine arbitrarily whether they'll grant your 90 day request.

If you're traveling under a tourist visa - then you are a tourist. Answer the questions as a tourist. Doing research in this country falls under the academic study visa and you MUST be invited and sponsored to do academic research, which is a different kind of visa.

If you're doing business research for potential commercialization - that's a business visa.

Please ensure your story is consistent or you're technically in violation of this country's visa and immigration laws and you'll be "hung" by your own admissions. I know it may sound petty - but entering China under a tourist visa and doing academic or social research is technically spying and subject to rather potentially severe penalties. There is currently a VERY sizable monetary award (to Chinese citizens) for reporting spies.

So, either you're here to visit, sightsee, and record your trip in a personal multi-media journal for presentation to friends and associates back home, once you return - or you're here for something else...get your story straight, make sure it aligns with the visa you apply for...and be consistent.

as for translator/assistant - a translator can cost up ¥1-2k per month full time - significantly more if they're professional and certified (please note the difference between translator and interpreter - they're different with interpreter sitting at a considerably higher pay scale). For your needs - a translator is sufficient. If you're extremely lucky (is luck ever a plan?) - you might be able to make travel friends (place an ad) and for the price of food and board, maybe some booze - get free translation assistance and make a friend into the bargain.

As you're actually interested in exploring for a professional project - if you have the time - you should arrange with a local university or academic institution and get invited as a visiting scholar. This is the probably the correct path for your activity. For a nominal fee (say CNY 10k or USD 1.5k per month) - you'd get your student/faculty translator, establish an academic relationship, and be (probably) compliant with Chinese visa and immigration law. Process may take longer - but expedience is not an excuse for attempting to circumvent a country's sovereign laws.

I'm NOT a visa/immigration consultant nor an attorney - so take the warning at your own discretion. If nothing happens - consider yourself lucky. luck ever a good plan?

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