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Chinese driver's licence renewal

Tom69 (105 posts) • 0


My Chinese driver's licence (the 6 year version) is getting close to expiry, it will expire towards the end of this year. I believe I can extend it for 10 years after this. Does anyone know the procedure to do this?

Is it possible to extend the licence on a business visa or another type of visa that is not a residence permit? When I first got my licence I was still on a tourist visa and hadn't yet converted it to a student visa. This process was only completed after I got my licence and then later on I got an employment visa. However, this time I would be in China on a business visa.

Also, are any tests required or is renewal automatic? How far in advance can I renew the licence and how long after it's expiration do I have, without having to start the process again? Do I have to go to the licencing center in Kunming again or could I perhaps renew somewhere like Jinghong? Are Chinese licences now issued in plastic credit card sized format or are they still laminated like the one I was issued nearly 6 years ago?

Thanks for all your help.

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

I'm in the process of renewing my licence( 6 years)

Some issues are still not clear due to (China Blur)..

My issue is " do you need to be a resident of a city to re register"?

Tom69 (105 posts) • 0

Aha, yes that document. No worries , I can easily get that document, which every foreigner on any visa type is supposed to get, which requres you to register your accommodation with the PSB. Normally I use documents supplied by my close Chinese friend stating I live with her family. Anyway, this is a minor issue because I can meet this requirement no matter what. The visa issue and other requirements is what I'm concerned about because that determines whether I'm eligible to renew or not.

Tom69 (105 posts) • 0

Could you kindly let me know whether you've started the renewal process and your circumstances.

1) visa type. Do they care what visa you are on?
2) do you have to do any more tests?
3) costs?
4) how far in advance of expiry can you extend? 3 months? 6 months?
5) how long after the expiration of the licence can you extend? 3 months? 6 months?
6) is the new licence a plastic card, or a laminated piece of paper as previously?

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