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Trump VS. The Resistance

Peter99 (962 posts) • -2

@ mengna

Well, I dont give a fu-k who takes me serious or not, but theres many whining in this thread over me, so it seems some may even take me too serious. Maybe thats the 'nobody serious' as you call them, at least we can have an agreement on something, some even seem like freaks.

Im not into what are the right and 'reliable sources' these days. Im sure with your attitude you can come up with the right ones, and tell everyone else here. But let me guess, its some newspaper having as columnist some hybrid guy with three di-ks, four tits, nose ring, makeup and leatherpants, with an opinion about openening all borders in the universe and those who aint agree are nazis.

Me, I cant read many of our main European newspapers anymore as they're so full of it. Thats what I think about the 'reliable sources' these days. Still a few years ago they were somewhat okay, but these days one get amazed they can still hit lower level every month.

What matters was the text and the clip. And Shapiro seems to be on the sane side of the fence, at least he can provoke the guys with four tits. I mean, thats my impression. And even it doesnt matter so much.

michael2015 (494 posts) • -4
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Michael2015 is NOT a moderator...just a forum member who requests civility, courtesy, and a modicum of mutual respect on the forums.

We don't have to agree - that would be boring, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't at least respect each other as human beings, regardless of our sometimes polarizing opinions on politics and religion.

As for trolling, baiting, etc - it's said it's difficult to discern who's the crazy one, when debating or arguing with a crazy person.

That was allegedly the purpose of the gokm voting thumbs...so the less civil comments could be hidden from casual view...an excellent addition to the forums.

Alien...amusing, but sad and depressing fact (factoid?) about US voters. USA definitely has some housekeeping to do.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@Michael: Not sure what you mean by 'housecleaning',or what/who you mean by the words 'the USA' in this context.
@Peter: I agree about 'reliable sources' - note that reliability has to do both with what is printed and, often more significantly, what is not, and where it is or isn't printed - that is why I recommended Chomsky's MANUFACTURING CONSENT - yes, I know you don't like him and that it was published 30 years ago, but that doesn't mean it is out of date, and frankly I think you might find some damned good research there that you could use for your own opinions and points of view - which I'd still disagree with, but at least we'd be able to address the same phenomenon when discussing where sources of information, analyses, opinions, etc., come from. (Note: Chomsky can be called a leftist, but you'd have a hard time convincing anyone that he is, or is a member of a 'hate group'.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@Peter: the last line in my post above should read "...convincing anyone that he is a hate group, or a member of a hate group" - yes, I think we can all consider Chomsky a leftist.

Dazzer (2625 posts) • +5

chomsky is a leftist, but it doesnt make him wrong about everything and he doesn't pander to the unthinking mob

Peter99 (962 posts) • -1

@ Alien

I would be ready for a deal, if you can take the attitude and try to see Trump as the anarchist in the room of politically correct politicians, hypocrites, and corrupted people, then I can see about Chomsky again. They are going after the corrupted republicans now, before going after the democrats, I mean, that should ring a bell in at least some of Trump critics.

Things are already in such a mess, that Im not sure Trump is able to break the tsunami of the lunatics anymore, but if that tsunami happens, you will regret every minute of your life you ever were a leftist.

Of course Ive read Chomsky and seen the documentary 'manufacturing consent' back in early 2000's. Those days Chavez came on the scene too, talking lots about Chomsky, around 2004 me was even in London (by councidence) when the mayor invited Chavez there, and went to see him from the crowd.

Just saying this that those were the days of a younger Peter99 who was curious in revolutionary movements, global justice, leftism, anti usa, and stuff like that. Things have moved forward since.

But its soon 20 years since read a book from Chomsky and I can read 'manufactiring consent' if you read some book I suggest. Im not sure which one that could be, as it has to be fresh out, but, but.

Lets hear if its a deal.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@Peter: Deal, but come up with something worth reading. By the way, I've never seen the documentary and find it hard to imagine that a mere documentary could effectively replace the somewhat dense, broad, fact-filled book. Note that he only covers the US press.
Trump tsunami might, I think, lead to persecution of leftists, but I think I can handle that, at least for myself. I think it would be rather difficult to consider such an event to be democratic, in any sense that makes sense.

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