Trump VS. The Resistance

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hearing the dingbat cheerleaders mindlessly chanting "GO TRUMP!" is bad enough,,

in print it's even more retarded.

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Seems to me Antifa groups, which are autonomous, are a mixed bag, as are their tactics. And the group Refuse Fascism follows Bob Avakian (Revolutionary Communist Party), whose name I remember from 1970 or so, had a reputation among us at the time as another cult-of-personality type. Enthusiasm is one thing, but a rise of would-be Resistance heroes with fixed, largely weak-ego-driven ideas and, arguably, anti-democratic practices, often simply smacks of adolescent hormones, self-righteousness and a desire to prove oneself in the eyes of others (the latter being common in any competitive society, like among politicians, greedheads and fameseekers, who seem not to have outgrown adolescent insecurities but often succeed in attaining goals to the disadvantage of those who, in the same rat race, wind up helping them to attain those goals, or are gang-pressed by the nature of the economy.)
Antifa groups have a place, I think, but a bit more thought might well be shared and learned from. Anyway, I don't think they're going to go away. A lot of words, like 'fascist', may be useful, but throwing around terms in a sloppy manner doesn't really clarify anything. Suggest Antifa actions and the groups that engage in them be looked at one at a time.
On the other hand, the Washington circus is as discreditable today as it has been since the end of the Second World War for its hegemonic defense and advancement of the global capitalist octopus - Trump is just the latest and most ridiculous frontman, and even many US Republicans seem to recognize this. But if they can't do any better, somebody may decide to do something worse.
Well, that's all a bit off the top of my head - things are far from having played out yet - history is like that - clarity is only occasionally the norm, and much only appears in hindsight, and then that changes too.

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