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Spat with Kim

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@daodejingster: Those are much more interesting ideas about Korea than anything coming out of Washington these days.

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Unfortunately, too many Americans act as if he speaks for them - frightening, since so much information is available to them, if they'd only fight thru the usual media-conditioning bs they live in, and they don't have enough confidence in their own brains to bother to figure it out.

Many North Koreans may think Kim speaks for them, but it's the American state that has the scary weapons, by the thousands.
Look for sanity elsewhere. In Beijing, perhaps.

Stratocaster (161 posts) • +2

Yes, it is a strange feeling indeed for me as an American to be putting far more faith in the Chinese leadership to handle this crisis constructively.

I don't blame Tillerson for not attending that UN meeting. What an embarrassment.

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@vicar, the photos are priceless: two jerks trading dumb words about the possibility of war, obviously chosen for their entertainment value.

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