Spat with Kim

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Good tweet at Trumps Twitter (seems like a re-tweet from Trump):

"@POTUS being unpredictable is a big asset, North Korea knew exactly what President Obama was going to do."

Theres been a few other situations where its clear Trump has some knowledge in how to play poker with Asians - the same way they play cards. And not talking about wrong or right, or good or bad, just about how you play the cards, the 'face' thing, keeping a few cards up the sleeve, and also cheating. When Trump met Xi he had same morning a plane flying over hot waters - this is actually a very Chinese/Russian style, now adopted by americans too. About 'face' and that stuff. Obama was loosing 'face' in Asia, no doubt about it. Trump seems to be better on the 'face' game.

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@Peter99 Fake news. Obama did not lose face in Asia. In fact, there was no war with N. Korea and no one died. It is my hope that those influencing Trump will help him to keep the peace in this area of the world as Obama did.

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Recently - and while still being president - Obama landed in Beijing (Apec). At airport, no staircase, no carpet. The Chinese (extremely) detailed cultural conciousness of courtesy - especially when it come to leaders - aint make mistakes like this. This is what happens to people that have lost face, and its also about not giving face. Besides that, Obama playing it down to americans, may well do fine, but every Chinese can read between the lines here. In fact, it had big symbolism allover Asia. That Duterte called Obama a 'bitch' or something similar, while shaking hands with Chinas leaders same time, didnt make the effect any smaller. The story with Obamas charisma, 'face' (+ authority) and Asia was in its final chapters, and fading out very fast. And the latest criticism here in the context now, that North Korea knew every move Obama was going to do, and played accordingly, is probably true as well.

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And that Trump and Tillerson are now, one playing up and one playing down, might just be a clever way to shake off Obamas legacy. Obama may have known the game with Kenyans, but with Asians its a different story: you dont play with open hand, and without cards up the sleeves.

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Rants from Duterte? Card games? @Peter99 From your writings, I suspect you think Obama was a foreign-born radical Muslim Socialist nigger bent on destroying America. Tillerson is smart (by attempting to de-escalate) and Trump is stupid, that's all, no co-ordinated plan there trying to throw Kim off balance.

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From the Washington Times: "There also were running verbal battles between Chinese and U.S. officials and U.S. journalists at the Group of 20 summit in Hangzhou. A Chinese official tried to block White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice from moving closer to Mr. Obama at the airport, forcing a Secret Service agent to intervene."

Chinese officials f'ed up, but their govt. still managed to follow Obama into the Paris agreemant on global warming. Trump dropped the ball letting the Chinese lead that and the trans-pacific trade deals. Make no mistake, Xi knows Trump is a buffoon.

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meanwhile everyone gets caught up in the detail of this nuclear war rubbish and everyone forgets the Russia Trump stories.

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