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work at Sichuan

mary123 (7 posts) • 0



Has anybody worked at Sichuan before?Do they have the 5 year policy which means if you work in Sichuan for 5 years you have to go back to your country to update the work visa?Does anybody know about this?

hehehe (16 posts) • 0

Perhaps you should ask this question in a Sichuan related website, you'd get more fruitful results. This is for Yunnan ;)

Btw. if anyone knows any good Sichuan related websites equivalent to goKunming, please let me know. Thank you.

debaser (469 posts) • 0

@mary123 - (as of last August) they had the 5 year rule for the FEC/Z visa in Chengdu and also in Chongqing. Sorry, I don't know about other cities in the area or other visas.

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