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feedback about language classes in KM

redjon777 (380 posts) • 0

Just thought I'd add to what other people have been using in China.

The app and website for www.writtenchinese.com/ have proved very good with some great extras for a few quid. As for one on one teaching I've been using www.italki.com lately, this site sets you up with a qualified teacher of your choice to learn one 2 one via skype. Lessons can be set at your discretion and the teachers have varying prices so it's good to find a bargain (you get to have three trial lessons with different teachers you choose). Good way of getting that important Chinese one to one learning.
As for changing tourist visa to student visa, I can't see why it's not possible but don't quote me 100% on that I'm afraid!

Scottish guy (24 posts) • 0

I've changed from tourist to student visa with Robert's (Mei

mandarin) without any problems. It took a few weeks and didn't need to leave China. There was a short "interview" at the psb where the officer just warned me against working on the student visa.

Cahzriel (2 posts) • 0

I've heard good things about the language program at 师范大学. I'm finishing up a two-year language study at 云南大学, and while some teachers/classes have been great, it's also not without it's share of lazy teachers/uninspired teaching methodology, though every fall it organizes a HSK培训班 students can attend for free.

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