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TGI Fridays

Dennis K. (16 posts) • 0

I saw one under construction next to the burger king at erji lu subway station, is that fake or something? Maybe someone lives down there and can tell me is it open yet?

Geezer (1926 posts) • 0

There was a TGI Fridays in Beijing 15 years ago and it was pretty good.

Turns out, currently, there are two in Beijing and one in Shanghai.


tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • +1

It might be worth contacting www.fridays.com.cn and asking them. If it is a fake one, they will then have a heads up. If it is genuine, you may be able to get more information about opening, from source.

bluegrass14 (126 posts) • 0

I saw the same place Dennis K is referring to a year ago...so if nothing's happened yet, I doubt it's really happening. It seems like someone found TGI Fridays construction zone vinyl and put it up there randomly.

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